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In 2005 landmen descended upon citizens of North Central Arkansas and began intense leasing activity.  Many of these leases provided that the primary term was five years and as long thereafter as gas and oil, or either of them, are produced. Most leases also contain a provision that states if surface operations were commenced on the leased premises, or lands pooled therewith, the lease would continue in effect.

Your lease may have been extended without your knowledge.

As these leases started to expire in 2010, we noticed that not all of the leases contained language indicating that commencement of surface operations would extend the lease although the gas companies frequently refused to acknowledge that the leases had expired.

We are knowledgeable of oil and gas law.

As a result, we brought numerous lawsuits for declaratory judgment to determine whether or not the leases had expired. Many of these cases are on appeal at this time. If you have a lease that you think may have expired even though surface operations are being conducted, please call us today for a free consultation.

Don't let your royalties slip through your fingers.

Many mineral owners leased to the gas companies and are waiting on royalty payments when they learn that there may be clouds on their mineral title. We have numerous quiet title actions pending at this time and are accepting new quiet title cases. Generally speaking, we require a retainer to start work on these type cases and charge a flat fee or hourly.

You should get the most out of your royalties.

We are also accepting royalty dispute cases. We have found that some of the oil and gas companies are taking post production expenses that may not be allowed under their lease.

 Get the royalties you deserve:

  • Royalty disputes
  • Class action cases
  • Surface damage litigation
  • Gas lease litigation
  • Mineral leases

No matter what your legal needs are, Grayson & Grayson, P.A. will put their experience to work for you. Call us today at 501-206-0905 or state wide toll free at 877-370-9192 or visit us at 209 E. Main Street, Heber Springs, AR 72543.

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